Comic Book Review: Kill the Minotaur #4

Title: Kill the Minotaur #4
Publisher: Image
Words: Chris Pasetto and Christian Cantamessa
Art: Lukas Ketner
Colors: Jean-Francois Beaulieu
Letters: Clem Robins
Publication Date: September 20, 2017
Publisher’s Summary: The origin of the minotaur is revealed, but what other secrets does Princess Ariadne possess? Each issue contains 30 pages of story!

After the Minotaur’s origin is revealed, readers, as well as the poor saps that this story centers around, find themselves smack dab in the heart of the Labyrinth. In Issue #3, readers learned that the center of the Labyrinth held the secret to killing the monstrous beast, but upon first looks, said secret isn’t apparent. This being the case, members of the team lose faith and a good deal of infighting occurs.

Despite being dialogue heavy, this story flows very well, and thankfully, prior to this issue, Kill the Minotaur has built up a whole hell of a lot of momentum. From here on out, it’ll be smooth sailing folks.


As always, Cantamessa and Pasetto’s script is both entertaining and insightful. The dialogue (still) feels natural, and with each and every turn of the page, I am eager to continue. The origin of the Minotaur, as it is explained here, makes sense(ish) and I am glad that the creative team chose to go this route. Also, there is a whole lot of juicy conflict for readers to sink their teeth into, and in my eyes, the more conflict the better.


Thanks to a fantastic job done by artist Lukas Ketner, when the shit hits the fan in this issue, boy is it a beautiful sight to behold. Every panel is brimming with emotion and excitement regardless of what’s happening in said panel. I’ve said it before, but Ketner’s artwork brings each and every Kill the Minotaur script to life.

The Bottom Line:

Yet again, the creative team behind Kill the Minotaur produces a fantastic issue worth reading and re-reading. With only two issues left, I am eager to continue reading.