War Mother #1 Review

Tribal warfare, a sentient sniper rifle, and a bad-ass female protagonist that sports a mohawk, yeah, I know what you’re thinking, this book is perfect, right? In addition to all that, War Mother is set in the 41st Century, on a war-torn Earth. Survival depends on overall badassery on this dying planet, and thankfully, the people of The Grove have War Mother to lead them to salvation.

Despite reading that this series is War Mother’s return to comics, this issue is my first run-in with her, and man am I impressed. It’s not too often that one stumbles across a strong female protagonist in modern comics – although female characters aren’t nearly as objectified as they used to be – that is capable of inspiring just as much as they are of entertaining or exciting. War Mother, from what I can tell, after reading just a single issue of this exciting new series, is the whole package. She’s strong, she’s intelligent, and she’s interesting. Author Fred Van Lente has me eager to learn more about her, her people, and the world in which she’s trying desperately to survive in. For this reason, War Mother #1 is a complete and utter success.

Stephen Segovia’s artwork is epic in every way and compliments the script well. Panels flow from one to the next effortlessly, making it difficult to not zoom through the issue on the first read. Some time needs to be dedicated to just admiring Segovia’s illustrations, so if your first read flew by as quickly as mine did, go back for a second read, and when you do, take some time to stop and smell the proverbial roses.

War Mother is one to watch folks. Issue #1 was a fantastic start, and I am sure that it is only going to get better from here.

War Mother, Issue #1, Comic Book, Valiant, Review
War Mother #1
The Bottom Line
War Mother #1 is an exciting first issue to a series that promises to amaze month after month.
A Sentient Sniper Rifle
Strong female protagonist