Manhunter Special #1 Review

Thus far, I must say that I am very happy with the way that DC has honored comic book legend, Jack Kirby, this year, in what would have been his one-hundredth birthday. Each comic that DC has published as tribute to Kirby has embodied the soul and essence of some of his greatest work. Manhunter Special #1, is no different.

The team behind this issue did a fantastic job paying tribute to Kirby, and so far, Manhunter Special #1, the main story at least, feels the most authentic. Both the writing and the artwork are clearly inspired by Kirby, and thanks to a great secondary tale and Kirby reprint, both the value and re-readability of this issue are quite high.

Keith Giffen and Dan Didio have come together, with the help of their artists, of course, to create something that will surely leave long time readers feeling nostalgic. Jack Kirby (and I have said this before) certainly would have been proud.

Kirby fans, buy this book.

Manhunter Special #1, DC Comics, Jack Kirby, Review
Manhunter Special #1
The Bottom Line
Jack Kirby fans should certainly buy this issue. Not only do we get some solid Manhunter action, we also have appearances from the Sandman & Sandy, as well as Etrigan.
Manhunter, Sandman & Sandy, and Etrigan in one book
Oh the nostalgia