Spencer & Locke #4 Review

“I’ll Always Be As Real As You Need Me To Be”

My expectations may have been ramped up too high as I find that the wrap up is disappointing in two ways. First, I didn’t want it to end. Locke’s heartbreaking childhood and tortured present had such depth that I wanted to savor every moment. The whole story could have been slowed down with much more exquisite detail and internal conflict. Which leads to the major problem with this last issue. The conclusion was rushed and not well executed.

Certainly more details could and should have been given about the father with plenty of comparisons to the original comic strip Dad and his quirks. The two twists were okay, but neither were set up with sufficient detail. I could have guessed about Hero and who her parents really were, but the lady at the school really needed to have more of a personality and back story established. I bought her motivation but could have used more.

All in all, though, I seriously enjoyed this series. It captured the innocence of the source material and emulated the art, but never appeared a cheap knock of or derivative. Spencer & Locke told the story of the potential darkness that always lurked beneath the surface of Calvin & Hobbes. At times it seems so true to form that Watterson must be involved. I suspect at least, he must approve.

Spencer and Locke #4
Spencer & Locke #4
The Bottom Line
A dark and unique mash up of detective story and the beloved comic strip that adds to the original without tarnishing it.
How Pepose and Santiago manage to perfectly capture yet entirely undermine Calvin & Hobbes without losing focus on the story to be told is amazing.
If this was twice as lone it would still be too short.