Rat Queens Vol. 2 #4 Review

Oh Look A Big Chest That Must Be Full Of Treasure!

What makes Rat Queens delightful is also what restrains it. The comical fantasy world is all it will ever be, but that’s ok, this isn’t supposed to be Shakespeare. When in doubt, there is nothing like a nice dungeon crawl to set everything right. Crypt delving is an activity for which our queens cannot resist and as much as it is likely to lead to chaos and disappointment, I’m always along for the ride.

Weibe relies on the familiar things and people that populate fantasy adventure and always manages to find the right twist. Like Hannah, the audience would never be fooled by an innocent looking chest out in the middle of a room. It has to be a monster in disguise, but that it is funny and nice and maybe a bit lonely makes it so much better.

Rat Queens doesn’t tread any new ground here, but there is comfort in the familiar. Now that we have the first big twist and the Ladies seem to be separated, there’s no telling what is next and that’s fine. I’m still loving it, but I’m not as blown away as I used to be. Hopefully, this is only the calm before the storm.

Rat Queens Vol. 2 #4
The Bottom Line
Good job. Entertaining and humorous as always.
Betty packs a wallop!
Barrie’s crew steps off stage for a while just as I was starting to like having them around.