This is worse than TV. The wait between issues seems to take forever. Only getting 32 pages after two weeks of thumb twiddling is killing me. I have no patience. I wish every issue was a trade paperback or complete arc. Part One of “Color of Fear” was enough to keep me up at night. If this vibe continues in The Flash #24, I might end up having Reverse Flash nightmares.

What’s The Flash #24 about? From DC:

“RUNNING SCARED” prelude—guest-starring Hal Jordan! Green Lantern Hal Jordan has recruited Barry Allen for a dangerous mission that only The Flash can accomplish! Unfortunately, that mission is on a hostile space station deep in the cosmos, which means leaving Kid Flash alone to defend his and Barry’s loved ones from a deadly attack by their greatest enemy…

Okay, so yeah, bring on the nightmares, I guess. Eobard Thawne might have just entered my Top 5 DC Villains. It was bad enough the guy came back after being turned into something that looked like a hotdog that was left on a grill for far too long, but the lengths he goes to hurt Barry Allen, is unreal. If Joshua Williamson’s story has Thawne obtain a power ring that matches his suit, I might never sleep again.

The Flash #24 is one of, if not the most, satisfying comics I’ve ever read. If I didn’t know better I’d think I was watching a movie. The pages containing the two simultaneous battles of Barry and Wally are absolutely incredible. And, for the final ingredient of my new night terrors, I have the final page burned into my mind. When I wake up in a cold sweat, Carmine Di Giandomenico and Pop Mhan are the first two people I’m calling.

The Flash #24 Review
The Bottom Line:
I haven't been doing this for long but The Flash #24 is easily my favorite of the series so far.
"The Color of Fear" might give 34 year old me nightmares.
Nothing. Nothing was bad.