The pursuit of vengeance has led to a hand-to-hand confrontation and the destruction of a family. The endless cycle of fear and anger is inhuman and Rollo will have none of it. Ironically, it is the indestructible machine Shiloh that teaches the lesson of mercy.

Extremity is still the violent and action-packed splatter fest that it has always been, only now we see the deeper emotional conflict that makes for a richer story. Jerome is still driven by his desire to wipe out the Paznina and now he may have found the means to do so. Now that Rollo is on his own, though, the story is taking a wider view of what the world is like beyond the battle.

The pages are full of amazing battles and fantastic creatures, but the added personal story and conflict will sustain the series with the more immediate and relatable stakes.

Extremity #4
The Bottom Line
I came for the gore but stayed for the story. Extremity gets more interesting and nuanced with every issue and the artwork remains vivid and superior.
Great battles and fight scenes.
The turn towards the family drama was expected, but maybe unwelcome.