So here’s the thing, I’m trying. I really am. That being said, I can barely even remember Wonder Woman #21. I kind of forgot how we got to this point. Was this the arc that started with Diana in an asylum? Either way this is the finale. And June 14th ends “Godwatch” and hopefully, my confusion too. Needless to say, even if the comic doesn’t excite me, the upcoming movie certainly does, but we’ll get to that another time. On to Wonder Woman #23.

So what’s Wonder Woman #23 about? From DC:

“The Truth” part five! The conclusion to Diana’s search for the truth takes her on a journey into darkness. But the price of understanding may be one sacrifice too many for Wonder Woman…

Maybe it’s because I have a soft spot for the god of war or I know what it’s like to feel like you live in madness and the love of a woman can calm the storm inside (see my love for King Kong), but Wonder Woman #23 spoke to me. After weeks of not caring, Greg Rucka finally caught my interest. He also didn’t give readers the happy ending I was expecting but was able to convey a sad beauty in the events as they unfolded. Dialogue heavy and action light, the conclusion of “The Truth” is surprisingly the best issue in the arc.

I was so ready to give up on this title. Now, I can’t. I’ll give Wonder Woman #24 the same chance to change my mind as this issue, but the true test will be issues #25 and #26. Will it start two different but similar arcs again or will it focus on delivering one great Wonder Woman story? If Greg Rucka and Liam Sharp are involved I’ll be far more than just willing to give Wonder Woman a second chance. Your move DC, your move.


Wonder Woman #23
The Bottom Line:
Best issue of the arc and good enough to want to give the next one a solid chance.
The ending contains a sad beauty I really enjoyed.
Not enough to save the arc but I'm not sure what would have been.