A new crew “The Chorus” arrives in the cemetery outside of Palisade just in the nick of time to dispatch Hannah’s accidentally raised undead. The Chorus save our Drunkard Queens, but oh boy, are they a bunch of self-righteous boy scouts or what? In fact, they are the official cult hunters part of the Military Arm of United Religions, and they are quite disapproving of Hannah’s use of necromancy. They let her go when she promises to turn herself in. Sure she will.

When the Rat Queens find that their rent is due and that they are in need of money they pick up a quest from the old job board in the tavern in town. To their dismay when they think they are about to finish the job they run into Barrie once again.

There’s plenty of humor in this issue. Rat Queens is as bawdy and playful as ever, but not a whole lot goes on in this episode. At some point I expect the threads will all weave together.

Rat Queens Vol. 2 #3
The Bottom Line
The Queens are taking a breather this time. A little humor, a little drama, but nothing memorable. To be fair, though, anything after the Giant Monster Lizard Bird is bound to be a letdown.
Our lovely bawdy ladies are as delightful as ever, the dialogue is sharp and the art is marvelous.
Some set up for further dramatic developments, but otherwise uneventful.