Plastic #2 is beautifully absurd. This love-fueled bloodbath is the kind of comic that despite being unsafe to read at work—or anywhere else where the prying eyes of squeamish onlookers can make or break your day—you’ll find the time to read it repeatedly, smiling and shaking your head with each flick of the page.

Plastic #2Having read this issue several times, I can’t say that with each re-read I was able to gain added insight or pick-up on details that I had previously overlooked. No, that’s just not the case. I, as I am sure you will too, re-read this issue several times so that I could re-experience my favorite parts with the hope that they would stick with me and influence my reading of the remainder of this series, as well as everything else that I read and review.

Issue #2 of Plastic starts off with both the bloodshed and excitement that Issue #1 had promised. But more so than just the be-headings, I appreciate that effort that Doug “potty mouth” Wagner is putting into showcasing the fact that our serial killing protagonist isn’t the only ‘bad guy’ in this story. In fact, the more that I read about Edwyn the more that I can justify his, now questionably, terrible actions.

I am convinced that Issue #3 will yet again up the ante and will continue to impress readers with gratuitous amounts of heart-warming violence.

Plastic #2
The Bottom Line
Issue #2 of Plastic is wonderfully absurd, and it makes good on the promises of Issue #1. This is another must-read.
The energy levels remain high, and by the end of the book, you will be begging for Issue #3
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