The breakneck pace of The Old Guard sustains the story and holds together from issue to issue. The reader is swept up in the action of a tightly woven narrative that is as good as any summer blockbuster. A few flashbacks let us know that as deadly as Andy can be, and even after surviving for millennia, she is still somewhat sentimental even though she tries not to be. Maybe too, after all these years, she has gotten complacent and missed the signs of betrayal. The newbie Nile, doesn’t catch on right away, but when she does it is too late.

Merrick is as wealthy and ruthless as he says he is and as it turns out he is shaping up to be a formidable villain. I am looking forward to see how they pull off the rescue and escape the trap.

The Old Guard #4
The Bottom Line
Consistent action and smooth story telling.
Andy is more than just the boss but also a fully developed three dimensional character. Plenty of action and surprises.
We’re not going for anything deep or unique here.