Much like Titans, I hadn’t, up until now, made the effort to read any issues of Deathstroke from the current series, and if it weren’t for the Lazarus Contract arc, well, let’s just say that I am glad that the Lazarus Contract has pulled me into reading the series. Why am I so interested now? There is a line in the description of this issue that sums it up. From DC, “Find out what happens when the World’s Deadliest Assassin becomes the Fastest Man Alive!” What a thought, right?

As much as I like the idea of having the world’s deadliest assassin become the fastest man alive, I also have an issue with it. In Deathstroke #19 there is a scene/collection of scenes where Deathstroke takes a break from his main mission—to stop his son from being killed—and kills four unsuspecting targets that are in various locations around the world. This is a great scene, I loved it, but it also left me feeling the need to call bullshit.

My thinking is this: If Deathstroke can travel around Earth, and then in turn kill four unsuspecting victims in a minute’s time, wouldn’t he also be able to take out the Titans and the Teen Titans and hell, Batman? Sure, why wouldn’t he have been able to get all this done in under a minute? He could have, but didn’t, and frankly I can’t find any reason why he’d hold back. Because Charlie, you’re reading a comic book, and killing everyone, everywhere, right now, is bad for sales… I digress.

Aside from my little rant there, I enjoyed this book and recommend it to even those who don’t see themselves as fans of Deathstroke. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of depth and emotion that writer Christopher Priest incorporated into the story.

I can’t wait to see how this arc ends.

Deathstroke #19
The Bottom Line
Deathstroke is a great comic for both readers who consider themselves Deathstroke fans and for those that do not. Another great chapter in the Lazarus Contract arc.
Another great chapter in the Lazarus Contract arc
Emotional and intense
Wait, so Deathstroke wouldn't just kill everyone?