The family drama continues with the urgency and deterioration of relationships increasing with every frame. The broader conflicts within the town and within the family are further spelled out in this installment. Siblings grate against each other. Children chafe against parents and spouse against spouse – all of whom have the specter of dead children looming over them while they wait for the patriarch to die. The gloom is inescapable.

Royal City #3The series is ambitious and emotional. It is gut wrenching in its view of dysfunction in the face of crisis and explores how maybe nobody ever gets it entirely right. This is a tough read and deliberately so, but there is no reason why a comic can’t aspire to be something greater.

Even the art matches the gritty mood and gives the impression of something not quite right, something broken.

The Bottom Line
A bit more sophisticated than the usual fare, but honest and intense. This is a personal drama with real world sensibilities. Moody and dark.
Serious subject matter approached in a grown up and literate fashion. The reach and ambition is admirable.
Slow and dark and not what one would ordinarily expect. The pace is not sustainable for very long.
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