Now that we’re all over the whole, ‘this is a comic book based on a video game based on a comic book’ thing—because we are all over it, right—we can go on reading the remainder of the issues in this series without mentioning that again. Because frankly, it doesn’t matter why he have this series, it matters how good it is.
Injustice 2 #2This issue starts off with a bang or two or three, and although the excitement ebbs and flows throughout this issue, there are enough ‘big’ moments, like the ‘oh man, here we go,’ ending that makes reading this book a wonderful experience. There is, however, one question that needs to be answered before I can say whether this story is a success or not. But for now, the plot has me thinking and that’s a good thing.

We’re still at the point where the teams are being round up and the lines are being drawn, so don’t expect too much by way of depth of story.

Artist Bruno Redondo brings a certain intimacy to each panel that he illustrates, and the color work of Rex Lokus is especially fine. The strong use of red sets the tone of the book, and leaves me, the reader, feeling anxious for the characters that I’m reading about.

Injustice 2 #2
The Bottom Line
With Injustice 2 #2, the lines are still being drawn and the opposing teams are still being assembled, but regardless of this, the issue is packed with action and intensity.
Packed with action and intensity
Excellent color work
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