While Green Lanterns #23 is far from ‘keep you on the edge of your seat’ entertaining, it is a necessary issue that not only serves as an extended turning point but also provides some additional insight into the Green Lantern Corps. training procedures.

Both Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz have a lot left to learn about being Green Lanterns, and this becomes obvious in the issue, but I am unsure if the time spent portraying their weaknesses and shortcomings could have been used more effectively. I did enjoy watching Baz train with Kyle Rayner and didn’t mind seeing some of the ‘abuse’ that Guy Gardner dishes out to poor Jessica. At this point though, I would much rather have learned more about the original power rings and the travel lantern.

For me, while this issue is an entertaining read, it doesn’t do much for the plot.

It may be Sam Humphries’ script that sets the stage for this production, but in Green Lanterns #23, the art team steals the show. If you pick this issue up and choose to just flip through it and admire the illustrations, you’ll get your money’s worth out of the deal.

Green Lanterns #23
The Bottom Line
The pace of the Lost in Space arc slows to a crawl, and while Green Lanterns #23 is gorgeous to look at, reading it doesn't do much.
Beautiful artwork
The time spent showcasing training could have been used more effectively
The story isn't moving forward here
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