Just five issues in and God Country has blossomed into an epic, multi-layered tale that I have no problem calling one of the best damn comic books currently being produced. The more that I learn about Valofax and the world in which God Country takes place, the more interested I become in continuing on this journey. God Country has continuously gotten better, and as it stands, I am convinced that next month’s issue is going to be one wild ride.

God Country #5In God Country #5, writer Donny Cates does an excellent job in keeping the issue entertaining while also progressing the plot and providing a mini-data-dump that enriches the reading experience. The story of Valofax’s creation is unique, but Attum’s lust for power in prestige doesn’t come as a surprise since epic stories like this typically have a similar backbone.

God Country still has the potential to grow, but I feel as though for the series to continue on its path, something big has to happen, and it has to happen soon because as of right now I almost feel as though the story is coming to an end, and I want more. I don’t want a change of direction, I want some complication. Emmet can deal with it.

God Country #5
The Bottom Line
God Country remains as one of the best comic books that are currently in print. In this issue, Donny Cates does an excellent job with progressing the story while simultaneously providing some much-needed backstory.
Epic in every way
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