Batman #23 is a great issue that provides readers with an entertaining break between story arcs. The pacing of this issue is somewhat faster than what has become typical for comic books with plots that span multiple issues. The issue certainly benefits from this quickened pace and ends up being a solid page-turner.

Having Batman and Swamp Thing isn’t exactly a dream matchup per se, but it is neat. I only say that it isn’t ideal because I don’t believe that either hero needs the help of the other, or at least in this particular issue they don’t. Batman’s detective skills are put to use but they are far from tested. Also, I think that it is important to keep in mind that Alec Holland (Swamp Thing) is no dummy either. Could he have solved the mystery that this issue revolves around on his own? Perhaps.

Regardless of whether or not this team-up was necessary, it happened and it was cool. Batman #23 is a good transition issue that provides fans with some room to breathe.

Batman #23
The Bottom Line
Batman #23 teams the Dark Knight up with Swamp Thing, and while issue could have utilized their individual skills a bit better, it's entertaining. If you need to skip an issue of Batman, this is it.
Swamp Thing swings by Gotham
Faster than normal pacing
A transition issue that relies on being interesting more than being good
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