I only have a single complaint with this comic, and I’ll certainly get to it later on in this review, but for now, in response to Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #20 all I have to say is, “Wow, what a ride.”

So, what’s Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #20 about? From DC Comics:

“PRISM OF TIME part three! As a final confrontation between the prism beasts of Sarko and the remaining Green Lanterns comes to a head on Mogo, the Corps tries to hold their ground as Hal Jordan embarks on a stealth mission to the planet where he forged his Green Lantern ring! But what he finds there brings Hal back to past decisions he’ll now regret.”

Teamed with Sinestro corps, the Green Lanterns are defending their home-planet, Mogo, from an invasion-level attack at the hands of Sarko, the self-proclaimed savior of the Sinestro Corps, and his mysterious Prism Beasts. As it stands at the start of the issue, the GLC is practically powerless in thwarting the attack, and while it is quite safe to assume that GLC will eventually be successful, things aren’t looking too good right now.

With this being the case, I very much appreciate the situation that writer Robert Venditti has setup because even if the GLC is successful, Hal Jordan—for reasons that you’ll learn in picking this comic up—is going to have some serious explaining to do after taking responsibility for his actions. And surely, since tensions are high with the Sinestro Corps, this is only going to make matters worse.

The art team—illustrator Rafael Sandoval, inker Jordi Tarragona, and colorist Tomeu Morrey—deserve to be applauded for their efforts on this book, because Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #20 is an example of visual storytelling at its best. The issue is filled with various constructs and lanterns and all of the goodies that fans of this series look forward to seeing in a book.

Oh, and that complaint that I mentioned, well, there’s a bit of interior dialogue at the beginning of the issue, and although it fits, for me, it unnecessarily slows down the action and detracts a bit from what’s happening in the panels that its placed in. That’s it.

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #20
The Bottom Line
Part 3 of The Prism of Time, Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps # 20 is a filled with illustrated goodies that fans of the series will enjoy. Once it is revealed that (...) actually inadvertently caused the crisis at hand, it becomes clear that the GLC is going to have some trouble even after they beat this mysterious new foe.
Fantastic artwork
And the plot thickens!
Rip Hunter is still not really helping at all...