Finally!!!! Why does DC insist on making me wait for the next issue? It’s like torture. This is easily one of my favorite series, and Superman #22 is no different. I can’t seem to get enough and it always seems to end too soon.

What’s Superman #22 about? From the publisher:

“BLACK DAWN” part one! What is the secret of the Dead Man’s Swamp? Superman is tested by a mysterious force that pushes his convictions to the limit. Can the Man of Steel save face in the eyes of Hamilton and his son, Superboy?

Patrick Gleason and Peter J. Tomasi have me hooked. I know I said the exact same thing last time (because I copied it directly from my previous review) but it doesn’t get any less true. It really doesn’t get any better than this. Superman #22 continues to take us down a path that is so creepy I’m starting to get paranoid about real life. If I can make one small suggestion to DC…….LET THESE TWO WRITE THE NEXT SUPERMAN FILM!!!!!!

The worst part of reviewing Superman #22 is how repetitive and boring I feel my writing has become. Seriously, how many times can I heap praise on the creative team before you start tuning me ou? Hopefully at least one more time because Doug Mahnke did a phenomenal job. I could barely tell it was a different artist this issue. Mahnke did exactly what I’ve come to expect from Superman, beautiful artwork on every page.



Superman #22
The Bottom Line:
Both the writing and the artwork continue to impress as another chapter of incredible-ness unfolds.
Story and art work
Story and art work
Story and art work
I'm not sure if I even breath while reading