For the second issue of this Deviations title, what had started out as an interesting idea is feeling a bit more like a gimmick. Secondary characters who hold important positions in the original story are now shoehorned into the new narrative with questionable success. This tendency repeats some of the same problems suffered in the first comic series.

The story told in the comic overpopulates the world too quickly with too many characters, none of which are properly developed. Yes I remember, Katia and Vic and Dizzy, and that helps me to enjoy this issue, but the fact that they are dropped in with minimal explanation makes it difficult for anyone new to the series. I’m having fun, but I feel like I’m hunting Easter eggs rather than reading a real story.

I’m as susceptible to fan service as anyone, but devotion and inside jokes alone have limited appeal. That this title is a “Deviation” requires that it have more in the way of a stand-alone plot. Instead, at least in this chapter, we’re getting little more than an inventory and name checks.

Having said that, I am still appreciating the twist on Orphan Black despite the flaws. Beth is more fleshed out and seems more competent than ever. Alison is noticeably more psychotic, but that works in a new weird way. I have optimism that now that the players are on the board, the intrigues of the game will be exciting and unique.

Orphan Black: Deviations #2
The Bottom Line
Though the first issue was much stronger, here’s to hoping that the coming issues take more chances and deviate in creative and compelling ways. Orphan Black: Deviations #2 is a competent entry into the clonespirarcy but does little to stake out a territory of its own.
Some interesting takes of the familiar characters especially with Beth and Alison
Far too reliant on the assumption that the readers know the backstories of each of the characters from watching the show