I really wish Wonder Woman would stick to one story. Neither one is bad but they’re both starting to lose me. Which version of these events is what’s actually happening? Are they both canon and take place in separate realities? Is the entire series like this? Ok, no more complaining for me. Time to dive in try to figure it out.

So what’s Wonder Woman #21 about? From the publisher:

“The Truth” part four! As the reality of Themyscira is revealed, Wonder Woman is forced to make a decision: defy the will of the gods or betray her Amazon sisters to Godwatch!

That was anticlimactic. Apparently, last month’s “big” ending meant absolutely nothing.  If Wonder Woman can take a sniper round through the chest and react like she was smacked (more annoyed that it happened than affected by the wound), just make her bulletproof. I feel like the ending would have had a bigger impact if I wasn’t suspicious of DC just crying wolf again. I’m not entirely sure if it’s the dialogue or the story itself but Greg Rucka, and unfortunately, Wonder Woman is losing me fast.

You can’t see me but I’m giving Liam Sharp and Laura Martin a standing ovation. The only thing that kept me flipping pages was the artwork. While it may not be my favorite style, I can’t help but appreciate how good it is. I’m sure I’m repeating myself but the variation of page layouts, use of color, and level of detail never gets old. Visually, Wonder Woman #21 and the rest of “The Truth” is arguably my favorite of all the comics I’ve reviewed here at The Brazen Bull.

Wonder Woman #21
The Bottom Line:
If things don't change Wonder Woman is going to lose me.
The artwork alone makes this a must "see"
Don't think I'd have been disappointed if I skipped actually reading it