The quartet is compelled to come back for more, but before they do, we get to see how much the first experience has affected them. Kendall the hedonist is in it for the money and the pleasures derived therefrom. Stephanie is, even more, mercenary and isolated. Corben, of course, is haunted by his visions. Finally, Eleanor struggles with conscience and the meaning of life. So when they are drawn back to the spooky mansion, it comes as no surprise.

What’s Underwinter #2 about? From the publisher:

“‘SYMPHONY,’ Part Two. A terrible curse takes root in the quartet, and the world.”

Underwinter continues to be nightmarish in the best sense of the word. There is restraint in every panel and on every page. Fawkes has figured out that less is more and releases the horror and mystery with an eyedropper to marvelous result.

This is not a book for the impatient. We’ll just have to wait for the payoff and I’m quite sure it will be as beautiful and terrifying as well it should be.

Underwinter #2
The Bottom Line
Underwinter continues its unique literary and stylistic approach to the telling a familiar story. Well done at every turn. This is an elevation of the comic art form.
Beautiful and subtle artwork and storytelling that is unlike anything else out there at this time.
This is a slow burn and not at all suited for the impatient.