Magic has to make sense. It has to come from somewhere, and it has to elicit a cost, otherwise, the world built around it collapses from lack of internal logic. Monstress makes no mistakes when it comes to creating the perfect realm of the arcane and it does so with real tension and suspense.

In Issue 11, the Island of Bones has turned out to be the remains of a dead god. It has become the refuge to a dark magic and ancient fox and Maika is drawn deeper into the mystery of her possessor. The history of the wars with elder gods and Maika’s position as the center of prophecy; as a blood descendant of the Shaman-Empress makes Maika more important than ever. That she does not want her power is irrelevant. Perhaps the fate of the world is in her hands.

And then all hell breaks loose.

In any case, the artwork reminiscent of ancient tarot cards and illuminated manuscript is the bold tableau for a truly enchanting story that gets better as it goes on.

Monstress #11
The Bottom Line
Beautiful and fascinating and highly recommended with a depth and sophistication that makes it a great read.
Exciting, thoughtful and truly original.
There is an awful lot of lore to follow, and the difference between the good guys and the bad is maybe too obscure.