Superman #20 caught me off guard. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it so much. I’m so glad it came across my desk, so to speak. Get it? It’s a journalist joke because everything is digital now (and because referring to myself as a journalist makes me feel like a kid dressed in his dad’s suit sitting in the driveway making car noises to “get to my big important job”).  After a great first impression, I’m excited to see what Chapter 2 has in store for us.

What’s Superman #21 about? From the publisher:

“Superman black” part two! A “Superman Reborn Aftermath” tie-in! The Man of Steel is challenged to break his code against killing in front of his son as the mystery surrounding Hamilton deepens.

Patrick Gleason and Peter J Tomasi have me hooked. The writing is absolutely amazing. Superman #21 goes from creepy to cinematic to public service announcement back to creepy. The whole thing is like a carrot on a stick. The answer is right there if only you could catch it, but you can’t, so you chase after it. I really wish I had #22 right now. As stupid as this is going to sound, the dialogue reads like an actual conversation instead of a script. All I know is I could breeze through the whole issue if it wasn’t for the artwork.

Once again I’m blown away by the artwork. Bright and hopeful? Got it. Fast paced and large scale action? It’ll watch like a movie. Dark, eerie, and ominous? consider it done. Whatever feelings the situation calls for evoking, Gleason and Klisz deliver. I can’t help but look through again and again, even if I don’t feel like reading.


Superman #21
The Bottom Line:
Superman is quickly becoming my favorite series to review.
If I listed everthing, it would take forever.
Having to wait for issue #22......I know I said this last time and I'll probably say it again.
The violence-and-hypermasculinity-as-societal-norms-and-ideals PSA was a little too soap boxy for me.