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I wonder if I started from the beginning if this would be any easier. Joining a title in the middle of two current story arcs is, if I’m being compelled by the Golden Lasso of Truth, kind of confusing. It’s bad enough trying to learn characters and backstories during a single story. “The Truth” and “Godwatch” seem to be telling both the same and very different stories. Let’s just hope my longing for answers to the last issue doesn’t interfere with my interest in this one.

So what’s Wonder Woman #20 about? From the publisher:

“‘Godwatch’ part three! Cale launches a desperate gambit to take control of Godwatch, but her plan hinges on two factors she cannot control: the witch Circe, and Wonder Woman!”

Out of the two stories that Greg Rucka is telling us, “Godwatch” is more of what I expect from superhero comics. Sure Wonder Woman being in an insane asylum or being shot makes for a very interesting, but desperate measures, magic, and the looming threat of an even more powerful foe are much more my speed when it comes to comics. Dr. Cale’s willingness to save her daughter at any cost could have a huge impact on not only “Godwatch” but Wonder Woman as a whole.

Bilquis Evely’s artwork is the style I think of when I think DC. It’s not detailed to the point of being distracting but Evely used the perfect amount of detail to emphasize certain moments. The panel and page layouts are very basic, however, I feel this makes the unique pages all the more impressive. The two-page spread of Circle’s spell is magnificent. It’s the type of image I’d make the wallpaper of my laptop.

Wonder Woman #20 Review
The Bottom Line:
It feels like this entire arc is merely the set up for something much bigger.
Has me looking forward to something big
"Only" has me looking forward to something big
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