Stories have power, and this one is no exception. Latour and Brandon have composed a world for that which exists within the world we recognize. Some people have found the technique where it is possible to disappear and maybe never come back. And some are refugees from that very same place.

Black Clouds #1The mystery of the how and why and who is the history of a young woman who can accomplish these miracles. It is hinted at through this complex narrative and we don’t even know if she can be trusted yet. We do know, however, that she has powerful enemies.

Black Cloud #1Hinkle’s art captures the same subtleties and mysteries in his delicate use of color and shade. He renders some people in the other world who in color, be we have yet to be told their exact significance.

Some people might find the slow reveals of this issue to be maddening. Little is revealed in this opening episode, but enough is teased out to intrigue. There are some big themes going on here, but they are well realized.

I’m looking forward to see where the next episode takes us.


Black Cloud #1
The Bottom Line
A stunning debut that leaves me anxious to see where the story will take me next.
Great debut issue
Fantastic art
Slower than usual pace