What is there to say about a comic book that, after reading, leaves you somehow feeling more complete than you did prior to gazing at its glorious pages? Is there anything to say? Well, of course there is, it just turns out that finding what to say—what to write—can be difficult, because once a writer becomes emotionally ‘connected’ to a work, so many words come to mind that choosing a few that, really, just mean “this is great,” becomes nearly impossible. So, rather than sift through all of the words swirling around my brain right now, I’m just going to simply say that Batman #20 is stunning.

So, what’s Batman #20 about? From the publisher:

“’I am Bane’ finale! In this epic climax, there is no going back. No more tricks, no more allies. Just Batman. And Bane. When the final blood spills…nothing will ever be the same for the Dark Knight.”

Knowing that Batman #20 was the ‘I am Bane’ finale, I went into this reading hoping that Tom King would be able to end this epic arc without having to leave creative stones unturned, because in my opinion, there is nothing worse than when an arc (as great as this one) fizzle out thanks to a botched closing chapter. Thankfully, Tom King wrote an ending for the ‘I am Bane’ arc that is as epic, and as deserving of adoration, as the other chapters found throughout this amazing story.

Batman #20, just like the rest of the issues in the ‘I am Bane’ arc, is a stunning representation of what a modern comic book can be if the stars align, and every member of the creative team puts forward their best efforts. Batman #20 is the type of comic that long-time Batman fans deserve.

Throughout the issue, there were several panels that refused to allow me to move forward in my reading without first paying them the extra attention that they deserved. I look forward to moments like this—to moments that burn themselves into the brain, and the epic, full-page spread that concludes the Bane/Batman battle, has created one of those moments for me. Artist David Finch deserves one hell of a hearty handshake for his work on this issue. Hell, he deserves a hearty handshake just for his stellar Bane work.

The (enjoyable) depth that Tom King brings to Batman is unbelievable. With each and every issue that he writes, it becomes more and more clear that King is a ‘Big Picture’ kind of guy—he’s always working towards something bigger, and I love that. With Tom King sitting at the writer’s desk, I am convinced that the Dark Knight is in good hands.

Boy, do I love comics…

Batman #20
The Bottom Line
Batman #20 is a highly-entertaining and fitting conclusion to amazing 'I am Bane' arc.
Finch's Bane is amazing
Tom King brings some serious depth to Batman
I am Bane is over
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