This group of immortal champions have been anonymous mercenaries for centuries, but now that their cover is blown and a new “Relic” has made an appearance the threat level has gone up a notch.

Rucka delivers an exciting and suspenseful actioner that feels fresh and leaves out enough of the larger story in a way that entices the audience enough to want to stick around for the next episode. Fernández’s artwork is sophisticated and compelling and provides the perfect illustration to Andy and the gang’s violent adventures.

Picking up where the first issue left off and jumping into the bigger story while also filling in enough of the backstory, the world of The Old Guard is seamlessly revealed. The characters have depth, the story has pacing, and the issue leaves us with a nice cliffhanger. All things considered, enjoyable and very promising, and this series has enormous potential.

The Old Guard #2
The Bottom Line
The Old Guard #2 is a worthy and worthwhile shoot ‘em up thriller.
Sharp dialogue.
Compelling action.
Maybe a familiar trope, but it has its own flavor.
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