Since I started writing for The Brazen Bull, 90% of what I do is my choice, which is awesome. I pick things I like so that there’s a higher chance I’ll enjoy my job. This is part of the other 10%. I never watched The Flintstones and I have no clue who Booster Gold is, but here they are, so here we go.

What’s BOOSTER GOLD/THE FLINTSTONES ANNUAL #1 about? From the publisher:

Welcome to the twenty-fifth century, where the Earth is a polluted post-industrial nightmare, most animals are extinct, and reptilian aliens are invading cities across the planet! In their time of need, the world’s citizens turn to the time-traveling Booster Gold to save the day. To learn why these aliens are seeking revenge, Booster dives deep into the prehistoric past to see what happened the last time they hit the planet. In this bygone era, Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble must help Booster learn the truth and return to his own time armed with the information that will bring down the invaders—if Booster can convince them to help him. No problem—we all know how persuasive Booster can be, right? Right?!

If this is what all Booster Gold comics are like, he might be my favorite new superhero. Mark Russel’s story and clever dialogue had a smile on my face though the entire issue. If you like idiot narcissists (think Sterling Archer or Zapp Brannigan), then this is definitely for you. Scott Hanna and Rick Leonardi’s artwork contains beautiful detailing while being cartoony enough to flow with the overall vibe of the issue.

Unfortunately, I do have to say it fails as a crossover due to the use of the Flintstones, or lack thereof. Fred has a bit of a part, and any other recognizable character seems just there so “The Flintstones” can be in the title.

Booster Gold/The Flintstones Annual #1 Review
The Bottom Line:
If your a fan of the type of character Booster Gold is, buy it immediately. If you only want it for The Flintstones, best to save your money on this one
Fun and funny from start to finish.
You do plan to have The Flinstones in a Flinstones comic right? Right? Hello......?
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