Detective Comics #953

Just when I thought that this arc couldn’t get any more intense—just when I thought that the stakes couldn’t be any higher, writer James Tynion IV gives me yet another amazing comic that, at times, leaves me breathless.

Detective Comics #953So, what’s Detective Comics #953 about? From the publisher:

”’League Of Shadows’ part four! Help arrives from a surprising—and unwanted—source…one of Batman’s greatest foes!”

Detective Comics #953With each and every issue of this series that I read, I come to appreciate James Tynion IV and his skills as a writer more and more. This current arc is extremely compelling, and just thinking about the situations that he has tossed Batman and company in leaves my heart racing. It is to the point now that if I ponder about what may happen to the members of the ‘Bat Family’ I become nervous—anxious—and must move on. Doing this to a fan takes some serious skill. Well done Mr. Tynion.

Detective Comics #953Tynion’s writing in the early parts of the issue was dense, but by no means was it overwhelming, nor did it detract from the issue’s flow. And more so than what’s going on with Orphan, I appreciate how clearly distraught Batman is becoming while dealing with Shiva and the League of Shadows. When Orphan cracks, it’s no big deal. But when Batman begins to lose his grip…jaws drop.

My only gripe with this issue is, believe it or not, the art. I’m unsure why, but it appears as though throughout the issue, Christian Duce Fernandez’ action scenes weren’t nearly as dynamic or as well constructed as those in which there wasn’t a whole lot happening. Typically, comments like this are reversed. There are two major spots where I think that Fernandez missed the mark: once, in a brief battle between Orphan and Batman (How? I know…), and again, in another brief battle between Orphan and Shiva.

But despite the art, which oddly, at times, falls short, Detective Comics #953 is absolutely worth reading.

Detective Comics #953
The Bottom Line
Detective Comics #953 is another great chapter in the "League of Shadows" arc, and is definitely worth reading.
James Tynion comes out swinging, and as the plot thickens, I become more and more impressed with this arc
The action-scene art is oddly dull compared to those panels that are 'action-less'
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