In some distant future version of Earth ruled by eloquent magic wielding animals, a champion has been called to save them all. This tech assisted human soldier was summoned from the past in order to restore magic to the world. This process of acquiring a savior of civilization caused the magicians’ giant floating city to crash to the ground. In the first volume, Stephen Learoyd manages to rescue these desperate wizards from ravaging bison hoards and escapes with his life.

This latest chapter has the hero (accompanied by Dusty the apprentice mage terrier) get closer to the mystery of what has happened to the world. Throughout the tale, the nature of myth and storytelling is explored in thrilling and thought-provoking ways. The story is rich with brilliant plot, dialogue, and character from Busiek and gorgeous and evocative art from Dewey. Expectations are exceeded at every turn.

This TPB should not be missed. Where Volume One was clever and innovative, this continuation is astounding. This is a work to be savored. Every panel, every page, and every line is crafted with precision. What may appear to be a typical sword and sorcery fantasy is anything but typical. It is epic in every way and encompasses aspects of Science Fiction as well. The artwork is phenomenal, weaving callbacks of the frontispieces of 20th-century adventure books with the best styles from Classic Comics Illustrated and Prince Valiant. I enjoyed this excellent work more than I thought possible. Highly recommended.

Autumnlands Vol.2: Woodland Creatures
The Bottom Line
I enjoyed this excellent work more than I thought possible, Autumanlands Vol.2: Woodland Creatures is highly recommended, and it earns a 10 out of 10 because I couldn’t ask for any more.
Epic in every way
Phenomenal artwork
Nothing...nothing at all
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