Part police procedural, part revenge story, and full of what might lead someone to bargain with a demon, Demonic is a smart thrill ride with a nicely added splash of horror and gore. This collection of the first six issues gives us an exciting and suspenseful arc in a mélange of genre.

In order to save his daughter, Detective Scott Graves must renew his contract with a demon he’s known since childhood. While his parents reveled in the excesses of a cult known as “Novo,” he and other children were given over to dark clerics. Now, using his Demonic power he will seek his revenge against what is left of the sect. His demon Aeshima requires that he kill for her but Scott does so while trying to turn the tables on her. As a helpless child, he was indoctrinated to believe a demon was put inside him in order to save the world. With that power now in his hands, he intends to do just that, only it will be by his choice who he will kill and he chooses to destroy Novo.

“You can’t be saved from this,” he is told. “That thing you fear in the dark of night. It’s always been you.”

The story is sharp and well-paced. The action scenes are rendered with appropriate blood splatter and intimate perspective. Sebela gives depth to his compelling characters, with Grave’s struggle and those who are after him. The art and color of Walter and Brown are shocking and intimate. Well done by all.

Demonic TP
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