Aquaman has teamed up with the USMC “Aquamarines” who not long ago had tried to kill him. They are faced with the more immediate concern of “strange water” that has been discovered in the Gulf of Mexico. When a research station has been out of contact for too long, they are sent to investigate. The unlikely allies to this expedition also include the “Scavenger” and his FBI handlers.

The base, of course, seems abandoned and something terrible must have happened. The cause of the trouble, they discover is still there. In a thrilling end to the issue, Aquamanfights side by side with his former foes against this dangerous and familiar foe.

The considerations of leadership and heroics both weigh heavy on the shoulders of the King of Atlantis, but fortunately, his lady love is there to watch his back and help him through.

All in all, this is a decent set up to a potentially exciting storyline. Abnett looks to add depth to the character and the larger narrative of Atlantis. The artwork is exciting and detailed.

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