So, I had hoped that this crossover event would prove to be more than just an attempt to lure 90’s kids into buying more comic books—I had hoped that I would be able to brag about this series to all of the naysayers and non-believers, but unfortunately, I cannot. Justice League Power Rangers could have been an awesome crossover, but it appears as though the creators began phoning it in after Issue #1.

What’s Justice League Power Rangers #3 about?

“Evil begets evil when Brainiac and Lord Zedd partner to destroy their mutual Earths! Can the Justice League withstand the dark terrors of Lord Zedd? Will Angel Grove survive Brainiac’s archival aspirations? Co-published with BOOM! Studios.”

Despite there being an alien/monster invasion of sorts, both the member of the Justice League and the Power Rangers spend an awful amount of time standing around, talking about the problem, and doing absolutely nothing about it. Justice League Power Rangers #3 ends up being yet another missed opportunity. And worse than all of the standing around is the issue’s ending.

After reading Issue #1, I was convinced that Tom Taylor had done a fine job setting the stage for an epic event. Now, however, after reading the second and third chapters of this story, I am beginning to think that I was fooled. The writing/plotting has been anything but consistent, and although the books have looked good all along, decent artwork can only carry a series so far. Justice League Power Rangers #3 is fun, but I want more than fun…

Maybe the tide will turn in Issue #4…maybe not. Regardless of what happens, I’m going to read along until this crossover is finished, even if I have to kick and scream the whole time.

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