Aquaman #17 | DC Comics | Review

Aquaman #17 starts swinging as soon as the bell rings with a flash-forward sequence that pits Aquaman against his newest foe, Warhead.

While I typically don’t mind being drawn into a comic with an opening action scene, I don’t think that Aquaman #17 benefitted from the opening exchange of gunfire. After this scene—after being dropped into the past—I didn’t find myself asking, “Hey, I wonder why that happened,” or saying, “Oh boy, I can’t wait to see how Aquaman got to that point.” Instead, I was disappointed with how the rest of the issue played out.

We get another healthy dose of Aquafans in Aquaman #17, and while I do think that it is interesting to read a comic where Aquaman is so highly regarded, I get it, Americans like Aquaman now, I don’t need to keep being reminded. I’m sure that the plan here is to showcase the fame and respect that Aquaman has recently gained so that the reader realizes what’s at stake, but again, we get it.

I like the direction that writer Dan Abnett is taking the series in, but for me, this issue felt a tad bit sloppy—it feels rushed.

Warhead and the extent of his power remains a mystery. Clearly, he can best Aquaman by taking advantage of his ability to talk to fish Aquatelepathy. I want more Warhead, because as of right now, he isn’t all that compelling, and I fear that we don’t get a little more substance—in the Warhead department—we’re all going to lose interest.

Scot Eaton’s artwork was awesome and really added value to the issue. I like his Warhead design, but again, much like the fast-forward sequence, I think it’s being wasted.

I am scoring this issue as high as I am for one reason: the ending. Sure, the ending to Aquaman #17 isn’t the best that I’ve ever read, but it is pretty damn compelling and has me wondering how Issue #18 is going to pan out.