Although I very much enjoyed reading Superman #17, when I was finished, I was left scratching my head, wondering what the hell just happened.

Despite being pictured on the cover and making a brief, single-panel appearance on the book’s last page, Superman #17 has nothing to do with Superman. The issue is centered around Jon Kent—Superman’s son—and his friend Kathy. Fueled by fear, the two youths venture into the night toward [insert ominous organ track and lightning strike here] Dead Man’s Swamp. Epic, right?

And why do Jon and Kathy do this? Well, a cow has gone missing…

If you’re looking for depth, look elsewhere. Superman #17 is fun, and serves as an awesome little transition issue, meant to lighten the load before we go into yet another sure-to-be-epic Superman arc. For comics like this, I am grateful. Every now and then, we all need a bit of a break.

Even though a horror (yes, horror) one-shot feels completely out of place in February, the issue is damn good. After all, who doesn’t love watching kids battle with monsters and run from all the creepy things that lurk in the woods?

Stranger Things Superman #17, is a definite must-read because even if the story doesn’t appeal to you, I assure you that the artwork will.

In Superman #17, artist Sebastian Fiumara swings by and produces some of my favorite comic book art to date. The ridiculous artwork (and I mean that as lovingly as possible) fits perfectly with the plot. While reading the issue, I completely forgot that I was holding a ‘superhero’ comic book. Throughout the book, there are several nightmarish sequences, à la Alice in Wonderland, that are amazing.

My only complaint is this: The issue had nothing to do with Superman, and frankly, featuring Jon Kent as the issue’s co-protagonist was unnecessary. I want more stories like this—I want more of Sebastian Fiumara’s artwork—I want a unique series because any two children could have gone on this same adventure, and the story still would have been great. I really hope that DC is testing the waters here and that we get a series filled with stories like this.

Whether you’ve been keeping up with this series so far or not, please read this comic. It’s strange, and I love it.

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