Comic Book Pull List: 2/15/17

Keeping track of comic book releases every week: Difficult. Figuring out which issues are going to be worth your cash: Nearly Impossible. The solution: Charlie’s Comic Book Pull List – He reads em’ so you don’t have to.

This week’s comic book pull list is dominated by DC titles. Out of the fourteen that I am suggesting, ten are from DC. And the other four? They’re from Image.

Special Attention:

DC has three, number-one issues coming out this week, and believe it or not, I am recommending all of them. Jim Lee is resurrecting characters from the Wild Storm universe and writer Warren Ellis is taking said characters and is reimaging them for a new series, Wild Storm. Wild Storm #1, is damn good. This series, as well as Super Sons and Batwoman show some potential.


Aquaman #17

Batman #17

Batwoman Rebirth #1

Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye #5

Green Lanterns #17

Harley Quinn #14

Justice League #15

Super Sons #1

Superman #17

Wildstorm #1


God Country #2

Invincible #133

Sex Criminals #16

The Walking Dead #164