Ninjak #24 starts out from the get go with one hell of a bang. A fistful of blood-drenched action gets my heart pumping every time, and the opening fight-sequence of the issue pulled me right in. While the fight is short-lived, it succeeds in raising the excitement levels for what’s to come.

So Roku needs Ninjak’s help. Apparently she and the others have been hired to complete a mission by a mysterious benefactor, and Ninjak’s cooperation is vital to their success. Colin King (Ninjak) is apprehensive to sign-up, but once Roku alludes to there being a chance that she can return to her former self, Colin can’t help but agree to tag along. Before long, Ninjak learns who his benefactor is and has a run-in with some serious magic. And we all know how Ninjak feels about magic…

Ninjak #24 is another solid issue in a fantastic series. I am eager to see what’s to come in the next few issues.

Toward the end of the issue, there is a flashback sequence that is fresh and fun and utterly captivating. It comes as a surprise, but it is a wonderful surprise indeed. This scene is a true gift from writer Matt Kindt and artist Stephen Segovia and should be appreciated as such.  And then, once the sequence is over, the reader is torn from the immersive flashback and is dropped into the hands of by sheer beauty. Excellent work Kindt and Segovia, excellent work indeed.

Yet again, we have amazing work coming off of the Valiant press. Buy Ninjak #24.