It is difficult to put into words exactly how excited I was going into the reading of this series. I mean, come on, the Power Rangers AND the Justice League in the same place, at the same time. How can any 90’s kid not immediately start drooling at the mention of Justice League/Power Rangers? After reading Issue #2, I am still excited about the remainder of the series, but I now realize the potential for this series to succeed is heavily outweighed by its potential to fail.

Do I think that Justice League/Power Rangers #2 failed? No, but I do believe that Issue #2 hit a bit of a speed bump and thus caused the series to lose some momentum, and momentum, in a crossover series like this, is pivotal to success.

There are some interesting questions raised in Justice League/Power Rangers #2, but the answer provided to one question in particular doesn’t sit all that well with me.

*Potential Spoilers Ahead*

In a brief battle with the teens from Angel Grove, it becomes apparent that a shield, generated by Green Lantern’s power ring, is not strong enough to withstand the blast from a Zord…I don’t buy it, but then again, I also didn’t buy it when, just a few issues ago in Justice League, a Lantern’s power ring was essentially hacked into. Is this a big deal per se? No, but I think that for crossovers like Justice League/Power Rangers to work, the defenders of each world should be evenly matched…and thus, Superman also should have been on vacation when all of this went down.

Seeing Lord Zedd and Braniac standing in the same room, plotting terrible things together, put a smile on my face. But, both Tom Taylor and Stephen Byrne missed out on the opportunity to make the beginning of the monster invasion as awesome and as frightening as it should be.

Justice League/Power Rangers #3 has the potential to be great, and I hope that it is, because if not…well, you get the picture…