Detective Comics – you know, the ‘DC’ in DC Comics – has released its nine-hundred-and-fiftieth issue, and to celebrate the longevity of this landmark series, DC is commemorating the event with an extended issue. And thankfully, despite being all of forty-eight pages long, Detective Comics #950 is filler-free.

Detective Comics #950 is comprised of three ‘separate’ (a term I use sparingly here) stories, the first of which, and longest for that matter, focuses on Orphan. Writer James Tynion IV does an excellent job here placing great emphasis on both the gracefulness and mysteriousness of Orphan, and it soon becomes clear that she is going to play a major role in upcoming issues.

The second story in this issue centers around Azrael and Batwing, and the art in this section happens to be my favorite of this issue. Artists Brad Anderson and Alvaro Martinez do an amazing job here by bringing some visual intensity and excitement to an issue that is relatively ‘wordy.’ And, any time that Azrael is worked into an arc, I’m excited to see what happens, and much like Orphan, there are certainly some big things in store for Azrael. Also, I think that Azrael and Batwing work very well together, and I hope that the two of them stay connected for a few more issues.

I know that I’ve said several times already that there are big things in store, but, the third and shortest part of this issue has me brimming with excitement. Part three of Detective Comics #950 is a dialogue-heavy flashback that focuses on Batman and Red Robin. Again, not much happens, but the ending is solid, and like I already said, I am very much looking forward to see what’s going to happen next.

Overall this was another solid Detective Comics issue, and despite not being entirely accessible for new fans, I think that it is definitely worth every penny of the cover price.