Darkest Knights, uh, hell yeah! I love both the title of this arc and the concept. Since Bane is making his merry way to Gotham, and will most likely do some very bad things when he arrives, Batman must enlist the help of the two newest Green Lanterns, to solve a mystery. And why are Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz the ideal candidates to help out Batman? Well, it appears as though someone is instilling fear in the fine folks of Gotham and in doing so, is causing them to commit seemingly random crimes.

Clearly it’s the Scarecrow. No, clearly it’s the Sinestro Corps. Clearly, it isn’t clear who is making mischief in Gotham…thus, the Darkest Knights are on the case.

More so than the concept, I am thrilled with the team behind this issue’s art. The pencilling, the inking, and the coloring is all amazing. The layout work is spot-on and the team, as a whole, creates some serious shots that are worth taking a look at.

Now that I’m done gushing over the issue, I will say that the timing of this arc feels a bit odd. While I do think that the concept is solid, I feel as though ‘Darkest Knights’ is being forced to fit in with the current ‘I Am Bane’ (Batman) arc. Does Sam Humphries not feel as though ‘Darkest Knights’ can stand on it’s own two feet without being supported by a Batman arc, which really, only serves as justification for the arc’s existence? Whether or not this is the case, I don’t know. Regardless of why the two arcs are being tied together in this way, I am glad that we have ‘Darkest Knights.’

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