Superman #16 is the final chapter in the ‘Multiplicity’ arc, and after giving it a read, it soon becomes obvious that the tale should have been told in more than three chapters. While I can’t say that another two or five or ten issues tacked onto the arc would have worked out, the final chapter of ‘Multiplicity’ feels very rushed and leaves me feeling under-appreciated as a reader.

There are some stand-out moments in the issue, but overall, they do not make up for the unsatisfying, feel-good ending. This is a shame since the ending of the issue was classic Superman. I felt good in the last few pages of the issue, but Superman #16 didn’t provide an fitting conclusion to the ‘Multiplicity’ arc.

The artwork in Superman #16 also feels rushed and at points incomplete, and overall just didn’t fit well with Pete Tomasi’s story. There is some interesting panel/layout work, but not enough to redeem the other pitfalls.

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