After what went down in the ‘Deluge’ arc, Aquaman finds himself oddly seated at the top of the popular-superhero-list. Surrounded by ‘Aquafans’ who think that he is ‘Aquamazing,’ Aquaman is finally getting some much deserved attention and adoration.

Aquaman #16 starts off with one heck of an intro, the darkness of which is foiled perfectly by the light of some Aquaman do-gooding later on in the issue. It’s time for a new villain, and although I am not all that excited about him, it appears as though Dan Abnett has something epic in the works. Speaking of Dan Abnett, he’s doing a very good job, and I am really enjoying what’s going on with Aquaman’s popularity both on and off the page.

Abnett writes an excellent exchange between Erika and Arthur about their high school days that is a joy to read. I have heard enough of Mera’s dark prophesy, but I am eager to see how it pans out. Brad Walker also does a great job here capturing the emotional essence of both Aquaman and his Aquafans as they interact.

Aquaman #16 is definitely worth picking up.

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