Batman | Issue #15| DC| Published 01/18/17
Written by Tom King | Art by Mitch Gerards

Did Batman just say that he loves Catwoman?

Batman #15, offers a fitting and satisfying conclusion to the ‘Rooftops’ story arc. After ‘I Am Suicide,’ ‘Rooftops’ comes as a nice change of pace, and the unexpected ending that rounds out the issue whisks us off of the love-filled rooftop and drops us back onto the cold streets of Gotham.

In what is perhaps the most satisfying moment of this two-part arc, Batman turns to Catwoman and mutters, “I love you Cat.” Catwoman, of course, confesses her love first, but hearing Batman say this to Ms. Selina Kyle feels so damn good. Yes we’ve known all along, but c’mon man, seeing it on the page is magic. Better yet, once their night of kicking ass and making love is over, it’s back to business as usual. Without warning, Catwoman takes off and yet again, Batman finds himself chasing after her.

Back on the case, Batman tracks down a woman by the name of Holly Robinson who is somehow connected to Selina Kyle. Following up on the lead, Batman no only learns the truth about Catwoman’s murder spree, but he also ends up in some pretty rough shape.

Tom King is perhaps the comic king – pun intended – of minimalist writing. The story is there and in full focus despite a lack of dialogue. And in this issue especially, much like Issue #12, Mitch Gerards’ artwork shines thanks to King’s unobtrusive writing. For several panels, Gerards even mimics the style of Batman artists from days gone by, and it is absolutely brilliant.

Now with ‘Rooftops’ being over, the focus is going to shift back to Bane. Here we go…

Score: 8.5 out of 10

If you’re a long time fan of the Batman/Catwoman dynamic, or if you enjoyed Issue #14, be sure to pick this one up. Tom King does a great job crafting a worthwhile tale with minimal dialogue, and Mitch Gerards’ artwork (as usual) speaks volumes. Those who aren’t keen on the Bat & Cat lovefest, well, this is the second and final part of the ‘Rooftops’ arc, next issue we’ll be back to Bane…