Venom 2017) #3

Venom | Issue #3 | Published 1/18/2017 | Marvel
Written by Mike Costa | Art by Gerado Sandoval

Although I was initially quite excited about this series, I am beginning to become concerned, and am slowly losing interest. Already three issues in, Venom has yet to take off, and Issue #3 serves as a reminder that we’re still stuck in first gear. Nothing is happening, and despite the concept, that a host can be in control of a symbiote is intriguing, there isn’t nearly enough conflict or inner-turmoil to make the series interesting. And the newest host, Lee Price, is bland and uninteresting. And perhaps it is the fresh take on Venom that is placing too much emphasis on the host, and thus, is causing Venom to fail.

This new series has so much potential; it is frustrating that it is not living up to be the comic that it can be. Where Venom is succeeding, it is also failing. While it is interesting to see the symbiote walking and talking separately from its host, doing so only reminds the reader how uninteresting Lee is.

Gerardo Sandoval is a great artist, but he isn’t the right man for the job. When we see Price as Venom, Sandoval’s style works, but the other 90% of the time it just doesn’t mesh well with the story that Mike Costa is writing. And Costa, I feel, isn’t giving this one his all, and the lack of effort is quite apparent.

I can’t recommend giving this one a read. Skip it, maybe Issue #4 will turn things around.

The Bottom Line:

It doesn’t get much more uneventful than this. Unfortunately, Issue #3 feels bland and uninspired; neither the artwork or writing wows, and seeing as though this is only the third issue of a new series, the Venom team needs to pick it up before fans flock to something worth reading. I really want this to work, there’s potential, but a change is needed and it’s needed now. Skip this one, you’re not missing much.

Score: 5.5 out of 10