Batman (2016) #14 Review

Batman | Issue #14 | Published 01/04/17 | DC |
Written by Tom King | Art by Mitch Gerards

Bat and Cat Got. It. On! In what quite possibly could be Catwoman’s last night as a free feline, she and the Dark Knight stoke their sexual appetite by fighting crime, and then, once the night’s work is done, the two, on a diamond covered rooftop, elect to [Insert Freddie Mercury here] Get Down. Get Down. Get Down, Make Love.

The issue starts with Batman explaining to Catwoman that the necessary strings have been pulled and that the death penalty has thus been taken off of the table. For killing 237 people, Catwoman will serve life without parole in Blackgate (not Arkham). Hearing this news, Catwoman proclaims that ‘they’ can have the rest of her life, but she wants tonight. Speaking directly to Batman, Catwoman says that she wants, “One night. You Me. And the rooftops.” Batman gives in to her request, but only after spending the majority of the night kicking ass taking on villains such as Film Freak and Zebraman. Oh, Batman and Catwoman also stage a jewel ‘heist’ too…

​Issue #14 is—despite giving fans exactly what they want—terribly sad. Tom King, with the help of Mitch Gerards, carefully crafts an emotional chapter in the Batman/Catwoman love story that is as satisfying as it is unsettling. Yet again, Tom King uses almost no dialogue to get the job done, and while Mitch Gerards’ style is quite an obvious change from that of Mike Janin, King and Gerards respective styles work very well together here. King and Gerards really bring the passion.

Aside from my obvious affection for Batman himself, I love Gotham and all of the creeps, freaks, and heroes that call it home.  So far, Batman (the current series) has been relatively inconsistent in terms of quality and depth of story, but much like Issue#12, Issue #14 reminds me of why I love reading Batman comics. I’m confident that Part Two of the ‘Rooftops’ story arc will be just as good as this one.

The Bottom Line:

Bat and Cat got it on, and it was glorious! The Batman/Catwoman dynamic has, and always will be one of the most interesting relationships in all of comics. This issue is exactly what Batman/Catwoman fans want to read when it comes to the star-crossed duo. From reading this issue, it is apparent that Tom King and Mitch Gerards NEED to get together more often. Issue #14 is an absolute must-read; trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Score: 9 out of 10
Charlie Chipman
Charlie Chipman
The kind of guy who almost always ends his e-mails with, "Cheers," Charlie serves as Editor-in-Chief here at The Brazen Bull where he often reviews comic books and television shows. His favorite punctuation mark is the interrobang‽

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