Sliver Surfer Epic Collection Vol 1: When Calls Galactus
by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

My thing of late has been to dig back into the past for the origins of some of the perhaps less popular, but more esoteric comic book characters, particularly the ones that still hold my interest. Often, this takes us back to the swinging sixties where things, shall we say, were different, and not necessarily in a good way.

As it turns out,I forgot how much I disliked the Fantastic Four, and unfortunately they take up more page space in this collection than the Silver Surfer does. So, for the moment then, and for my sanity, I will ignore their presence, their patronizing, ignorant, impulsive and useless presence.

The Silver Surfer is a far more interesting character anyway. Truly alien and condemned to Earth by Galactus because of his compassion toward humanity, the Silver Surfer is hated and attacked at every opportunity. Nearly indestructible and at first wielding unlimited, but vaguely defined cosmic power, he is wholly despised, yet time and time again he saves humanity, and usually from themselves.

Not to forget, he rides a surfboard, in SPACE! This random and inexplicable mode of transport somehow transcends its absurdity and just becomes perfectly reasonable in a world when the sole woman superhero is frequently and literally told to just be invisible.

An accidental allegory, that holds up despite its flaws, and when focused on the Surfer. I just wish that Stan Lee was a better writer.

Score: 5 out of 10