Grimm | Season 6 | Episode 2

Everything we need to know for the rest of the season/series has been laid out. Sasha Roiz, as Renard, finally gets to be the big bad we always wanted him to be and nobody is being especially careful about putting all of Portland’s wesen secrets out in the open.

The Librarians | Season 3 | Episode 8

All things considered, we did get two decent episodes in a row, not enough to salvage the season, but enough to frustrate when considering the overall unrealized potential. Two more episodes coming up, here’s to a season that at least will be going out with a modicum of dignity.

Golden Globe Awards (2017) Predictions

Alright folks, it is that time of year again, where we fans of film and television find ourselves waiting anxiously to see if our favorites are acknowledged by the people who (apparently) matter most in the industry.

The Librarians | Season 3 | Episode 7

Can we get two decent episodes in a row? I think it’s possible. Maybe if we clap really hard and really-really believe. Tune in next time where no doubt good will triumph over evil at least.