Amazon Prime Series: ‘The Boys’ Season 2, Episode 1 ‘The Big Ride’ Review

The dark and darkly comic The Boys continues with all the gore and violence as one might expect. If Hughie isn’t covered in blood, then something is truly missing.
Away TV Review

‘Away’ Review: Netflix Original Series

Away offers absorbing character study and great production value, but its capacity is limited as a gripping science fiction space adventure story.

‘Biohackers’ Review: Netflix Original Series

While Biohackers draws viewers in with a unique premise, the writing is subpar, and the plot is underdeveloped.
Netflix High Score Review

‘High Score’ Review: Netflix’s Newest Documentary Series is Sleek but Shallow

What could have been an informative deep-dive into the history of the video game industry amounts to nothing more than a sort of virtual ‘Videogames for Dummies’ overview. The Netflix Original documentary series is sleek but shallow; too often missing the point, High Score is fun, but lacks re-playability. Gamers deserve more...
Lucifer with wings out

‘Lucifer’ Season 5 Review

Prepare yourself, a battle is brewing between heaven and hell, and earth is the battleground. Lucifer is poised for a fiery finale. 
characters from the anime show Great Pretenders

‘Great Pretender’ Review: Season 1

Great Pretender is 100% binge-able. The characters are likable, particularly Makoto with his youthful charm, and the story offers twists at every stage.

‘Dodgeball Thunderdome’ Review: Series Premiere

Discovery's spin on the spot is an interesting one, but the concept--not the course or the production--needs polish. Lacking any real stakes and serving as a reminder that high school never ends, Dodgeball Thunderdome comes close to hitting the mark but misses, nonetheless.
Lovecraft Country Season 1 Episode 1 Review

HBO’s Lovecraft Country: Premiere Review

Lovecraft Country is thrilling; the show illustrates how all the shrouded terrors are absolutely real and more widespread than the majority may think.
Netflix ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 2

Netflix Series: ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 2 Review

Season Two grants depth and nuance to each of the characters as they must save the word from their own misguided actions, again. It’s even more fun than the first season.

Ryan Reynolds’ New ABC Show, Don’t, Misses the Mark

Don’t isn’t a novel idea, but it’s entertaining, some of the time. Packed with laughs, but lacking any really challenge, Don’t is worth checking out, and may be worth sticking with for a few weeks, if you can get over the whole “I can’t believe that guy just got paid forty-thousand-dollars to do something I’ve done, for free, on a bet” thing.