Frankenstein's Monster's Monster, Frankenstein

Frankenstein’s Monster’s Monster, Frankenstein: Review

Frankenstein's Monster's Monster, Frankenstein is a short, but well-crafted satire that's definitely worth streaming.

‘Utopia’ Season 1: Amazon Prime Series Review

Utopia is entertaining enough, but ultimately hollow. What could have been meaningful devolves into irrelevant exploits and unearned twists.
Riverdale Season 2 Finale

Riverdale Season 2 Finale Review

Title: Riverdale Network: CW Season: 2 Episode: 22 “Chapter Thirty-Five: Brave New World” Aired: May 16, 2018 Summary: “With Fred trailing in the polls, Archie steps in to help;...

The Walking Dead: Season 8, Episode 13 ‘Do Not Send us Astray Review

Title: The Walking Dead Network: AMC Season: 8 Episode: 13 'Do Not Send Us Astray' Aired: March 25th, 2018 Summary: "Trouble arises when unexpected visitors...
netflix glow season 3 episode 1 season premiere

Netflix: GLOW Season 3 Premiere Review & Recap

Season 3 of GLOW gets off to an impressive start that promises more drama and laughs, but the premiere lacks any real ring-time which may come as a disappointment to viewers eager become immersed,yet again, in GLOW.

Blown Away (Netflix Original) Review

...add in the drama of watching some of these works of art shatter, along with the amazement of watching these beautiful pieces come to life, and Blown Away is surprisingly entertaining.

‘Doctor Who’ Season 11 Episode 3 Review & Recap: “Rosa”

The decidedly British point of view slides between meaningful and objective assessment of injustice and clichéd depictions of American stereo types, but in the end, the result is a sensitive and moving portrayal of an important story.
Tales of the City

Tales of the City Episode 1 Review and Recap: “Coming Home”

Tales of the City, Episode 1 “Coming Home,” is a nostalgic introduction to the next chapter of Barbary Lane. Laura Morelli succeeds in recapturing the original magic of the show, keeping the series grounded in the San Francisco community.

Miracle Workers Season 1 Episode 1 Review & Recap: “Pilot”

Everything you need to know has been shown in the commercials. If Steve Buscemi as God, the couch potato looks appealing, then cool, curiosity satisfied.

Review: Netflix’s ‘Challenger: The Final Flight’

Challenger: The Final Flight is visually and emotionally gripping, providing a thorough telling of the Challenger's story that shies away from neither the good nor the bad.