The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 9: Rock in the Road | Reaction

We're off to a good start folks, let's hope that the momentum keeps building.

‘Stranger Things’ Season 3, Episode 1 Review: Chapter One: Suzie Do You Copy?

Legion is, and has always been a kaleidoscope of imagery, some beautiful, some disturbing, but all with the deliberate effect of causing unease.

‘Utopia Falls’ Review

You had me at dystopian dance battles. Hulu’s latest Sci-fi epic encourages viewers to question the importance of art and expression with a fresh premise and killer soundtrack.

Here’s What’s New on Hulu: November 2018

Hulu's monthly list of content being added is out and, as usual, we’re pretty pumped to see it. If you’re as excited as we are, take a look at the full list below and get ready to stream. Here's a list of everything coming to Hulu this November:

TV Review – Bob’s Burgers – Season 9 – Episode 1 “Just One of...

A solid season premiere that already has me looking forward to next week. Sure it will never rank among my favorite episodes, but being part of my current favorite show, that’s more representative of the overall quality of the series as a whole than how much I enjoyed this particular episode.
The Walking Dead: Season 8 Episode 7

Television Review: The Walking Dead: Season 8, Episode 7, “Time for After”

Show: The Walking Dead Season: 8 Episode: 7 “Time for After” Network: AMC Air Date: December 3, 2017 Summary: “Negan has to enlist the help...
The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 15

The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 15 Reaction

After last week's ending, I was eager to see what happened with Sasha, and Eugene for that matter, and after watching the teaser preview of tonight's episode I was concerned for Maggie's safety.

Deadly Class Season 1 Episode 5 Review & Recap: “Saudade”

The fight scene while a Dead Kennedy song that was surprisingly not their version of Viva Las Vegas was epic in so many ways.

The Healing Powers of Dude: Netflix Original Series Review

The Healing Power of Dude can be entertaining and, with a bit of explaining to younger viewers, educational; it's worth watching.

‘Doctor Who’ Season 11 Episode 6 Review & Recap: “Demons of the Punjab”

Finally Yaz gets her chance to be center stage in an episode that fires on all cylinders. Drama, emotion, and historical significance are all well represented in one of the better episodes so far.